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In a medical emergency, taking a taxi to the nearest hospital—drivers usually know where to go—can be quicker than waiting for an ambulance. If you do call an ambulance, it will transport you to the nearest hospital—possibly a public one that may well look run-down; don't worry, though, as the medical care will be excellent. Alternatively, you can call a private hospital directly.

For theft, wallet loss, small road accidents, and minor emergencies, contact the nearest police station. Expect all dealings with the police to be a lengthy, bureaucratic business—it's probably only worth bothering if you need the report for insurance claims.

American Embassy

American Embassy. Av. Colombia 4300PalermoBuenos AiresBuenos AiresC1425GMN11/5777–435411/5777–

General Contacts

Ambulance and Medical. 107.

Fire. 100.

Police. 101.

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