We’re Planning a Girls Cruise for 2025… And You’re Invited!

A few weeks ago, a wave of emotions reached out and smacked me right in the face. Why? Because it finally dawned on me that my baby, my precious little princess, is growing up. She's no longer the sweet, snot faced angel she once was. She's now a sarcastic, yet less hilarious version of her mama... complete with high school drama, spicy attitude, driving lessons, and a level of independence that I'm not fully prepared to let her have.

Our time... our precious time... It's dwindling. Before I know it, she'll be off to college. She'll be living apart from me. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to my children moving out of my house for many reasons but I'm also dreading it at the same time. I know you other moms out there will understand. She's my only girl. My one female island in the storm of male-ness that dominates my house. There are just two of us gals, surrounded by four guys of various ages and smells (full disclosure: my husband quite literally always smells good... the other three? Not so much).

Aside from my own realizations, my mom has mentioned quite a few times how much she would love to have a "sisters trip" with all of my aunts. I don't think she ever really intended for me or my sisters to be invited, but that's neither here nor there.

Her desire to do something with her favorite group of girls, and my urge to force my favorite "girly pop" (yes, I speak their language... no cap!) to spend time with me gave me a BRILLIANT idea! I'm sure we aren't the only women who want to spend quality vacation time with our female friends and family members, so why not put together a girls cruise and invite every girl that's currently living on this planet?


There's no reason not to... So I did!


P.S. Here's a picture of the aforementioned junior Crissandra and I (full sized Crissandra) from our January 2023 cruise on Carnival Sunshine!

mom and daughter dressed in elegant dresses for elegance night on carnival sunshine cruise ship embrace in hug and smile at the camera.

Allow me to introduce you to your next vacation:

2025 Girls Cruise on the Carnival Celebration!

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out our Facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/731556822337474

carnival celebration ship sailing on the ocean water with lights on and shining in the dark night sky

When? August 3-9, 2025

Who? All girls of all ages! You're welcome to invite your circle of friends, bring your daughters, etc...

What is it? This cruise on board the brand new Carnival Celebration is a chance for us to get away, relax, spend time with our tribe, explore places we have never been, and most importantly... enjoy allllllll the cruise food! We will be visiting Celebration Key, Amber Cove, and Grand Turk!

What's included? Since this is a group, we will have special group amenities like some onboard credit and more! (You MUST be booked through me in order to be included in the group and receive the extra amenities.) Additionally, all of your onboard meals, snacks like pizza, fries, soft serve ice cream, and basic beverages such as iced tea, non-bottled water, lemonade, regular coffee, hot chocolate, and hot tea are included. There are water slides, a splash pad for the kids, pools, hot tubs, an adults only area on deck, daily live musical performances, magic, game and comedy shows, parties, theme nights, and more! If you are bringing a younger kid, there is a kids club onboard which is also included and a lot of fun!

What's not included? Alcoholic beverages, specialty drinks / coffees, soda (beverage packages can be purchased in advance or on board... or you can purchase specialty drinks individually), meals at a specialty restaurant (unless specified), wi-fi, insurance (we can add this at additional cost), gratuities (can also be added pre-cruise), spa services, Bolt roller coaster at sea (added charge), excursions, etc.

carnival celebration artist rendering showing roller coaster, pool and splash pad, putt putt golf, splash pad and seating on deck
Artist rendering--- This is a brand new ship, y'all!
itinerary calendar showing port days and sea days for carnival celebration. Stops at celebration key, amber cove, and grand turk. Round trip from Miami.

How much does it cost? Cost totally depends on how many guests are in one room and what room type you select. We have interior cabins and balcony cabins on hold for our group with secured group pricing based on double occupancy. Other room categories may be available upon request but will not have the special "locked in" group rate so those prices fluctuate.


pricing table for nterior and balcony staterooms on carnival celebration for the girls cruise based on double occupancy

*A deposit is required in order to secure your space and reserve your room.* 


Deposit Requirements

There are two types of deposits to choose from:

  1. Partial deposit of $100 per person- Secures your spot in the group. You will need to pay an additional $150 per person by March 1st to choose your stateroom and get a booking number and keep your spot on the cruise. -OR-
  2. Full deposit of $250 per person- Secures your spot in the group, you will be able to select your room right away, and you'll get a booking number right away.

Payment Options / Next Steps

Once you have decided to join us and selected your room, you'll need to decide what type of deposit you'd like to make. I recommend making the full $250 per person deposit, especially if you are traveling with others who are in a different room. If you'd like to have rooms close by to each other, it is important to make the full deposit so that you can lock those in and guarantee your spots.

From there it is pretty easy. Just reach out to me and let me know you are coming and I'll work with you and go over everything with you. Then, I pretty much take care of the rest. You'll receive a link from me where you can make the deposit and then from that point on you will get a monthly payment reminder from me around the first of each month. You can choose whether or not you'd like to make a payment each month... we can customize to suit individual needs. You just need to have it paid in full by April 28th, 2025 which gives you plenty of time!

Wrapping Up

I hope you decide to join us for this awesome trip! I'm looking forward to spending time with my not-so-mini-me as well as my friends and family that are joining! My friends have invited their friends and those friends have invited friends so I'm looking forward to making new friends and meeting new people! I know this post doesn't answer all of your questions, so please feel free to comment below or reach out to me on the group Facebook page and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Here's the official group link again... There's more information on there, too so check it out! https://www.facebook.com/groups/731556822337474

mother and daughter sit on cruise ship deck. mom has arm around girl. girl is making hand gestures and puckering lips, mom is smiling. sun is setting in the background.

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